LexyPro Dog Skin & Coat Spray- Coconut Oil - 300ml

LexyPro Dog Skin & Coat Spray- Coconut Oil - 300ml


LexyPro Dog Skin & Coat Spray - Coconut Oil - 300ml

Coconut oil hydrates the skin of your pets and improves the lipid levels of their skin surface. It is an effective moisturizer for dandruff and dry skin of your cat. You will notice a remarkable change in the skin and coat of your pet once you apply this natural massage oil on your pet’s skin.

LexyPro Dog Skin & Coat replenishes with natural coconut oil under the monitoring of expert staff. The high quality and standards are maintained so that this brand should be the first choice of pet owners. LexyPro Dog Skin & Coat Spray “Coconut Oil” for dogs’ skin offers a large number of health benefits that need to be ensured for a healthy pet. Few of these tremendous benefits include:

~Kills the stinky smell of your pet
~Moisturizing, de-tangle and comb easily
~Keeps your pet away from annoying itch due to extensive dryness
~Natural protection against mites, ticks, and parasites
~Gives a sleek and glossy look to the coat and skin of your dog

Directions to use:
Spray evenly on the dog’s body (after shower- while is still a bit wet)  and massage on the skin, dry it with hair dryer after 5-6 minutes.

Volume: 300ml