100% Wool Cotton Laundry Dryer Balls

100% Wool Cotton Laundry Dryer Balls

Material: 100% New Zealand wool


* The sheep and wool were never dipped in parasiticides or insecticides

* Livestock feed and forage used from the last third of gestation must be certified organic

* No synthetic hormones or genetic engineering were used in sheep




Used in the laundry dryer, to help reducing drying time(about 25%-50%), it can also help to absorb lint, fluff on the clothes,

And, it can make your clothes softer.

Rolking Wool Dryer Balls
Rolking dryer balls are always made of 100% New Zealand wool. They will not unravel and will last for years. Their size is optimal for maximum dryer efficiency. They are great for fluffing down feather items such as quilts and jackets. Using wool dryer balls saves your skin from chemicals used in dryer sheets and liquid fabric softeners, and it also saves your dryer from the residue left from these. 
* Try scenting the dryer balls by placing a few drops of essential oil (lavender, lemon, etc) on each ball. This will lightly scent your clothes!

* Reduce static further by making sure clothing is not over-dried. Try taking clothes out sooner than you usually do.

* 6 pack of Wool Dryer Balls for a large load. 

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